Kip Lefti – F’ Me Girly

This track was recorded live at Cotgrave Leisure Center as part of a live audio project. My colleagues and I setup a small line array sound system with a nice digital mixing desk. The system was a bit inappropreat for the space we were using, it was way too loud, kind of suitable for a small festival stage!

In all we had a great day and left the local members of the leisure center a bit unsettled. Especially after I rinsed out some of my jungle tunes at peak volume!

The band is called Kip Lefti which is Swahili for “roundabout”. Formally known as “Mind The Gap” Steve, Mat and Sophie have been playing together for 20 odd years. In this recording the band is also accompanied by guest artist: Ben Martin. The track was written by Steve Truman.

Double Bass: Steve Truman

Keyboard and Vocals: Matthew Marks

Drum Kit: Sophie Fishwick

Sax: Ben Martin

The track was mixed live by myself.

Thanks to the band for allowing me to use their music and for there excellent performance. Extra special thanks to Sophie Fishwick for her inspiring drum workshops back in 1990.

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