Electronic Brain

This tune took me far too long to write!!!


Composed by: Dan Marston

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7 Responses to “Electronic Brain”

  1. edam says:

    Yes, I’m liking that! That bass line sounds very similar to one of mine, in a tune called “Problems with the Atmosphere”. Yours is clearly better though! :o) You’ll be hearing from my lawers!

  2. Future Mowgli says:

    Sos maan, i’m not entirely sure which tune you mean, it must be some kind of genetic inheritance or something!!!

    I had a smiler concept in mind to the baseline in that Dom & roland remix of Extraterrestrial by Genotype: here’s a youtube link:


    Just a big fat distorted, bassy, filtered mess. Dom & Roland’s is a bit better than mine though I think!

    Actually I lost my vinyl copy of that tune a couple of years ago, so if anyone has seen it in their collection, it’s one of my favourite records so I’d definitely like it back.

  3. danny says:

    very much liking the panning on those whippy laser synth bits in the middle of the track. Nice acid. Tasty beats. The distorted bass jumps out at you like that bath monster in Ghost Busters 2. Ooh, just reached the mashup bit. Is that drum sound an Akai? Is the acid bass Audio Realism? Top banana.

  4. Future Mowgli says:

    Nice one Danny, I cant give away too many of my secrets but I do not have a real 303 or an Akai. That drum sound started as a sample of a funk break.

    Cheers for the feedback.


  5. Marky C says:


    Am liking that one Mr Mowgli. I think the mad amount of extra hours shows on this one. Good structure and not so messy that you cant get in with the flow of it, in fact you’re right in there with the flow of it.

    Especially like the last minute or so – pure rollin acid breakbeat niceness

  6. Wend says:

    Very interesting indeedy Dan…

    Your creation/manipulation of sound is excellent, even though you are saying you see it as more of ‘intricate mosaic of noise’, it does gell well together with structure on most parts, the others throw you off slightly, but this is needed in this kind of track, I always think of how I can dance to stuff, cause I is and I can have a nice wobble to this and get lost within.

    It has interest to draw the brain in different directions and is still tunefull, nice production of sounds, can’t here overlaps or distortion on them, but my ears arn’t that trained in that yet.

    Well done matey! 🙂

  7. Future Mowgli says:

    Cheers Wendy. I like music to catch you out especially when you’re dancing, I cant express how dull I find repetitive music. Although I’m sure you could dance to this music I see it as more of a bedroom sort of tune. I haven’t heard it on a big sound system yet though so I may well change my mind. #=O)

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