Messier 83

This track is dedicated to Messier 83, one of the most beautiful spiral galaxies.

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2 Responses to “Messier 83”

  1. Rako says:

    This track takes me on a journey, the begining is a feeling of lost and melancoly of disconnectness from all life beings, its a memory that there once was beautiful connections in space but as the track builds my character is fillled with the possibility of potential of moving through space and reconnecting with all of those beings I had partied with before there is movement and dancing, traveling now through the galaxy I come across a race of beings I have never seen before and initially struggle to understand their language, this only lasts for a moment and then I realise that I can speak their language and that we are infact the same and we celebrate the vast closeness of the universe and move to an intergalactic pary for us all as one x

  2. Future Mowgli says:

    Right, thanks Rako. I’m glad you enjoyed it #=O)

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